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My goal is to help as many people as possible become either financial free through day trading, or at least make some extra money, every single day. Everybody should have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams, both financially, but also in terms of controlling your own time.

The dream for many is to –  Work whenever they want, from wherever they want, and daytrading is like made for this lifestyle.

And I’ve found a way to do this for free. I’ve partnered up with one of the biggest and award-winning trading platforms in the world. As long as we all use this platform to trade on, then 100% of my services is free for everybody!

The only criteria is that you have some money to trade with, I’ll help you with the rest, every step of the way.

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"Fred Trading members are continuously increasing and are not going to slow down anytime soon"
"Fred Frost’s Fred Trading: A Platform for Strategic Forex Market Investing"
"Fred Trading members are continuously increasing and are not going to slow down anytime soon "
"Fred Trading: A Platform for Learning and Connecting in the Forex Market "

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Free 5 hour trading course

Included in my free course, you get access to my 5-hour trading course, as well as a speed course, completely for free

This course is continuously updated with new and exciting videos that can improve and help you enter the trading world with more confidence and become a profitable trader on your own.

In this section we go through the basics about day trading. Including what Forex Trading is, the best time to trade, beginner mistakes, how to read a graph etc.

In this section we go more in depth with reading the charts and how to become a profitable day trader. Which indicators I use, strategies and how to slowly trade by yourself.

In this section you will learn how to navigate and use the different trading platforms and how to copy my trading ideas in general.

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Don’t worry. You don’t need any experience about trading what so ever either before or after joining, to copy, paste and profit from my trades.

95% of my members never traded a day in their life before joining.

I have partnered up with some of the biggest brokers in the world, making sure that everything I do is 100% free. That means I charge absolutely nothing for ANY of my services.

Simply click the red button anywhere at the page, text me and you can start copying my trades the same day you sent me a message and become a member of Fredtrading.

Everything is 100% free, the only thing you need is money to start trading with.

Yes. I am a professional day trader who lives by day trading himself and have been analysing the financial market since 2016

I’ve had a BIG demand from instagram and telegram from people asking me if they could copy me or If I could teach them. But I don’t wanna charge anything helping people.

I then decided to partner up with a broker so I could make everything I do 100%, meaning anybody can be on board.

Fear not. You get a FREE 5+ hours course, for those that wanna learn how to trade themselves and not just copy my trades.

Besides that you get access to a BIG community chat of traders from all around the world. In here people help each other becoming better traders everyday.